Pregnancy Diary: My Second Trimester

September, October, and November were incredibly productive for me. I spent almost all of 2016 just coasting (the exact OPPOSITE of what I preach!) but during my second trimester I really felt so much more like myself. I also grew a connection to our lil bump – I definitely am not as resentful now that I’ve been less sick!

My third trimester officially started on Monday. So crazy that we are going to be parents. As time goes on I get more and more nervous thinking about actually giving birth. Tip: Don’t read birth stories when you’re pregnant. I’m officially scared of literally everything.

Here’s a little pregnancy recap of my 2nd Trimester (you can read about my first trimester here):


  • I truthfully had the best three months. I’ve gotten a LOT done, including the huge decision to start my own Virtual Assistant business. I’ve met some amazing people that I’m proud to call my clients, and who do amazing work that I’m proud to collaborate on. It’s been my most productive time in 2016 for sure.
  • I have been feeling a little lonely. Really left out (FOMO queen over here) with everything changing around me. I’m about to spend my first Christmas away from home. Our roommate moved out (and so did we). And I’m working so much that I feel so separate from everything.
  • Generally I’ve felt a lot more like myself in the past 3 months. I’m less sick and more focused.
  • In love with this baby. So excited!


  • The first “kicks” I felt literally felt like my belly button was farting. Not cute little butterfly kicks or bubbles or any of the other cute stuff people say. It felt like belly button farts.
  • Most of November I really started to feel the kicks in an unmistakable way. For a while I kept asking Mike if he could feel them, to which he always rolled his eyes and said no. But NOW this baby’s presence is KNOWN. The kicks are non stop and hard. They’re also distracting. I’ll be getting a lot done at work or dozing off to bed and I’ll get kicked!
  • I’ve enjoyed looking pregnant and being able to feel a little special here and there. Pro Tip: go to as many standing venue concerts as you can when you’re with child. We went to see Local Natives at Terminal 5 and they gave my a seat right off the stage. It was an insanely magical experience.

Cravings/Food Aversions:

  • I went through this phase where every meal had to be home cooked. I couldn’t stand take out or restaurants or the idea of a commercial kitchen and a stranger prepping my food. It was pretty exhausting for me but I really stepped my cooking game up! For about two weeks. And then we ended up packing up our kitchen in prep for a move that got delayed by almost 3 weeks. So.
  • I haven’t been craving anything specific, but when I do crave something specific it must be that exact item. I can’t have something “like” it. If I want a vanilla milkshake then it has to be a milkshake, not vanilla fro-yo!
  • Overall my appetite is back and I’m able to eat pretty much whatever. I do get full really quickly though, so I make sure to always space out my meals and snack on yogurt and my prenatal bars throughout the day.

Favorite Memories:

  • Going home for Thanksgiving. This was the only time my family will see me with this particular bump, so it was fun to be with everyone and have everyone come and touch and say hello!
  • Finally being able to move into our new apartment. It is finally all starting to feel real. I can’t wait to get the nursery ready!

Least Favorite Memories:

  • The flight home from California to NYC. Guys: my tail bone felt like it was on fire.
  • Moving while pregnant. Don’t do it.

I do want to apologize for the lack of bump photos. You can find me on snapchat where I am a little more open about how I’m looking lately (@lovelaralove) but I just haven’t had time to shoot anything. Soon, though! I promise ;)

It has been a whirlwind of a time and I can’t believe we’ll get to meet our little one in just 3 short months. Insanity!