Review: Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

For me, my hair is my identifier. It is the only thing that has remained constant throughout the years. My body might have betrayed me after one too many late night ice cream sandwiches (understandable), my face rebels when I’m not religious about my skincare routine (rude), but my hair’s quality remains unchanged and loyal.

Last summer I hopped on the ombre train. My ends were bleached, then dyed a light brown/almost blonde color. It didn’t turn out how I wanted at all unfortunately, so I covered it up with my natural black last fall. Fast forward to this summer, and my ombre was subtle but very much back. What’s funny is that it actually looks how I wanted it done originally: a barely-there shade change, and only done on the bottom inch or so. Normally I use Pantene Pro-V’s Ice Shine shampoo + conditioner, however since the return of the ombre I noticed my ends looked totally fried. Desperate to bring life back into my strands, I opted for a conditioner with more moisturizing benefits and accolades.

The journey of being my hair:


I’ve seen the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner at Target too many times to count. I was always intrigued by the unique shape of the bottle, and Moroccan Oil is all popular and what not. I’ve always been a Pantene Loyalist, so making this change was kind of a big step for me. And I’m not going to lie: the payoff has been minimal.

The Pros:

  • My hair feels a little bit thicker: the ends feel stronger than they had when I was using Ice Shine. Or maybe this has something to do with me switching to this conditioner after my first haircut in a year. Who can say?!

The Cons:

  • Guys, this does not smell like anything memorable. Maybe I’m spoiled, but Pantene and Herbal Essences are so fragrant and get the job done. Why can’t everything just smell nice?
  • After two weeks of use, the soft-and-touchable factor of my hair was dismal. The hubs even commented that my hair was looking a little lack luster. Whoa. When a guy notices, it’s a big deal.


I really wanted to like this conditioner. It’s fine enough, but it’s also pretty easy to just be a good detangling conditioner. I’ll continue to use it intermittently just so I can get my money’s worth, but I will not be repurchasing it. It doesn’t damage my hair, but it doesn’t make it any better and it certainly doesn’t leave my hair feeling touchable and smelling great. The price tag is nice (about $6.00 at Target), but I can get 2 for $7.00 Pantene conditioners at CVS. So obviously I’ll be going that route! Looks like this Pantene Loyalist isn’t changing her ways after all.