Review: Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment System

It’s funny – when I first started this blog I was all about makeup. My how times have changed! My need for reasonably priced products has not gone anyway at all, but my love for skin care and understanding for its importance has increased. Both of these things have led me to this bad boy right here: a complete home spa treatment for body, face, and feet.

Instrumental Beauty has created a truly amazing system for exfoliating dead skin. This kit comes with a body brush and a facial brush (with the softest bristles, might I add). In addition it also comes with a Pumice Stone for feet and heels, and a micro-dermabrasion Sponge for making your skin even smoother after using the brush.

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Instrumental Beauty’s Home Spa Treatment System, available at Rite Aid for $29.99. c/o Instrumental Beauty

The whole thing is water proof so you don’t have to be afraid of taking it into the shower with you. I’ll be honest, I totally messed up when using the facial brush. I was putting pressure on my face at an angle which completely messed up the the brush as you can see. But that’s my fault, and I’m doing my best to correct it! Hopefully putting pressure on it correctly will allow the bristles to move back in place.

The Face Brush

The face brush exfoliates gently to remove dead skin. And it works. My skin has been incredibly lackluster and depressingly dull lately. My summer glow faded and my adult acne is really taking me for a ride. I started using the Home Spa Treatment System’s facial brush with different cleansers about a week ago. I used it every two days for a week in the evening. I’ve never done this to my face before, and the results were mind blowing. Let me tell you. Going over my face with a cotton pad and toner normally shows me how dirty my skin can be, but after using the facial brush there was almost nothing on the cotton pad. Whoa. Clean skin. Hi.

I used this with three different cleansers: Mary Kay’s Clear Proof Acne Cleanser, Honest Beauty’s Refreshing Gel Cleanser, and the Wild Rose Brightening Cleanser by Korres (review on that coming soon). Each time it left my skin feeling incredibly clean with an almost tight-like feeling.

You’re supposed to use the facial brush by doing 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek. First you add cleanser and water to your face, then a small dollop of cleanser to the brush before turning it on. And a fun little FYI: The rotary system will catch more baby hair around the face then you even knew you had. Make sure you have a headband and pin everything back!

The Body Brush

The body brush obviously does the same thing as the face brush, but to your body. It really makes me feel much cleaner than any loofah could ever do. PS: what a weird thing to spell. Loofah. Heh.

Anyway, taking this thing into the shower is a little weird. I’m not used to it, and it does make the whole shower experience longer than I’m used to. It’s definitely a nighttime routine kind of thing. Lately I’ve been more about the sugar scrubs in the shower, so I feel like my skin has a handle on being soft AF. But adding the body brush is a welcome change. It doesn’t have the same lotion-like feel after using it since it’s not a body scrub, but it definitely leaves my whole body feeling much cleaner.

The Pumice Stone

I am not the girl who does at home pedicures. Every time I try I fail pretty miserably. Why is it that I can paint my nails but not my toes? Anyone? Anyway – I had a pumice stone in the shower for the longest time just to make sure my heels didn’t get gross in between trips to the nail salon. But it just didn’t work for me – scrubbing your own feet is complicated. Just being honest here. But having this pumice stone on this device is a game changer. It moves on its own so the work is minimal.

The pumice stone is a welcome addition to my routine. I only get my toes done once a month due to limited time and money, and this smoothing stone will definitely help lengthen the effects of my pedicures.

The Micro-Dermabrasion Sponge

This one feels very weird on my face. Not going to lie. I don’t think I’ve ever used a sponge on my face before to be completely honest. It’s a great way to follow up the facial brush – after exfoliating and making your skin super clean, the sponge puts that softness back without much effort. Once I get over the whole sensation of a sponge on my face I think I’ll be able to use this one more.

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Overall I am incredibly happy with this system. For the price you definitely can’t beat it! The results are wonderful: Dead, flaky skin be gone. Just in time for the colder weather, too!

Shopping Information: Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment System, available at Rite Aid for $29.99. c/o Instrumental Beauty