Review: Mary Kay’s Clear Proof Acne System

I’ve been complaining about the weird acne I’ve been getting since the beginning of this summer (which feels like ages ago thanks to this winter weather). I don’t have the deep pockets for a fancy expensive acne skincare system, and I didn’t feel like this was so intense that Proactiv was needed. When my regular cleansers stopped doing their trick I initially switched from my favorite cream acne cleansers to oil-free. My skin would clear up for about a day, and then resume with this new and stupid acne phase.

I reached out to an old friend who is a consultant for Mary Kay and asked her for some much needed skin care advice. She provided me with the answer: The Clear Proof acne system with cleansing gel, toner, acne spot treatment, and a moisturizer.

Step One: Do the whole routine twice a day. Truth? I usually only wash my face in the morning, followed by a makeup removing wipe at night. That was probably my first problem.

Step Two: Use all the products. More truth? I have a toner, but it isn’t the same brand or skin care line as my cleanser. And I almost always skip over it. It makes my skin feel tight and cutting that step out always gave me an extra 5-8 minutes in the morning. Oops.

Armed with this new information and the handy little acne system sample, I tested out Mary Kay’s Clear Proof acne system for two weeks. The conclusion? It not only completely turned my skin around, but also made me realize what a jerk I was being to my poor face. Pretty basic stuff, right? Cleanse twice a day and have a full regimen complete with toner. But I guess these are the things that slip your mind when you’re a busy bee!


The whole kit was gentle on my skin, but was fast to work and left my skin clear of all acne. Plus, at a price of only $20 for the 7 day mini kit, we can all afford to try it out. A dream come true!