Review: The Happy Planner by Create 365

My love of planning is obviously intense and has been very. well. documented. on this blog. It’s just so important to me to be able to make sense of all the madness. The right planner helps me see the future: It helps me plan properly so I don’t over commit. I’m able to project plan and determine my work flow. I can track deadlines and other critical dates.

But let’s be honest. Sometimes a planner just doesn’t have enough space.

Happy Planner You can reorganize your planner or notebook pages to be in the exact order you want them in. There’s no bulky spiral and you can still have the covers meet in order to write on one side.

I love defining my goals with my Power Sheets.

I love having a brain dump and a safe space to have ideas in my Simplified Journal.

I love planning my days with the Day Designer.

But when it comes to finding something to really organize my ideas before they’re concrete, I’m at a loss.

I’m in the middle of wedding planning, honeymoon planning, client work, and blogging. It’s a lot and I need a way to organize everything that’s going on. But regular planners just don’t have enough space. Notebooks are hard because I always want to write down what is on my mind and not organize it right away. But then when I inevitably do want to organize it, my notes are everywhere and it’s impossible to combine them without flipping back and forth between pages and re-writing everything onto a master list. Because I’m little OCD about it, this process can take me hours.

Binders have the option of customizing, but they’re bulky and you can’t really write on the entire page unless you remove the loose leaf paper. Plus, most A5 planners don’t do my favorite thing: folder from cover to cover so it’s just one sheet at a time.

Say Hello to the Arc System

So this is why the HAPPY PLANNER with the Arc System is my new favorite thing. It’s fully customization without the drama of a spiral binder. How? You can tear out pages and pop them right back in. Yes. legit. Check out how it works by following me on SNAPCHAT @lovelaralove!

You can reorganize your planner or notebook pages to be in the exact order you want them in. There’s no bulky spiral and you can still have the covers meet in order to write on one side. I had my first Arc System Planner in 2013. It was a large letter size portfolio so it was too big for me to carry around anywhere. But I loved being able to rearrange my notes and the sections in whatever way I wanted.

happy planner review create 365


How I set my Happy Planner Up, Section by Section:
  • TO DO LISTS (from the Home Planner Extension)
    • for master to-do lists
  • NOTES (regular lined paper from the Notes Extension)
    • for client meetings
  • HONEYMOON PLANNING (graph paper from the Notes Extension)
    • itinerary planning – we’re trying to see at least 4 cities so a lot of note rearranging is necessary!
  • GRAPH PAPER NOTES (graph paper from the Notes Extension)
    • for brain dumping
    • for project planning my freelancing work only
  • MEAL PLANNER (from the Home Planner Extension)
  • BUDGET (from the Home Planner Extension)

Since I have my Day Designer for work, the Happy Planner acts as my freelance planner. I track all projects, deadlines, critical dates, and everything having to do with my freelance projects and blogging. My 9-5 hat and my freelance hat have always been separate, but now they have two separate places to really live and it’s been great. I can feel myself getting more organized and therefore getting more sh*t done on the daily. And I love it!

Overall I’m incredibly happy with this planner (lol get it?). I bring this with me everywhere. That being said, the laminated covers can get very easily scratched up. I would love an option for vegan leather covers or anything more high quality.

This bad boy is available on Amazon for $26.99. Extension packs range from $4.99 to $9.99.

For a full walk through of the planner, check out this Me and My Big Ideas Video: