Review: Write The Word Journal (Vol II) by Lara Casey

I’ve been struggling on writing about my religion on this blog, mainly because I like to keep things light and non-controversial. I recognize that it can be a little silly to discuss these things on a beauty blog. I personally am not a fan of people talking a big game about their religion because it is a private, personal thing. But it’s a real thing in my life and my experiences as being a young-ish NYC transplant and having a non-sexy faith is a part of who I am, so this is truly just about honesty.

A Quick Preface

I “left” the Catholic Church around the time most people do – right after high school, and all throughout college. For a while, religion just felt like “justified” hatred and a bunch of people who were hurting each other. And even still, when you look at the surface of what happens throughout the world it does feel like religion divides more than it unites. It wasn’t until right before I got engaged that I began to feel the desire to return to Catholicism. I began to realize that all my values were tied into my Catholic faith more than I ever realized. So I was confirmed last June (a Sacrament in which I profess that I have officially chosen Catholicism as my religion and am officially initiated as a member of the Catholic community) and had a wonderful sponsor and friend, Nicole, along side me. A lot of people assumed that I did this for my upcoming wedding, but you know what they say about people who assume things….

Religion, Not Just Spirituality

Living in NYC means that having a faith and a spiritual belief beyond the “power of the universe” is generally questioned. I am forced to present my religion like it is an incurable disease to people: already defending myself the moment I bring it to anyone’s attention; letting them know I won’t “infect” them like everyone does on their Facebook news feed. I have to be self-deprecating about it to people I’m not that close with out of fear that they will stop taking me seriously. It’s a weird complex I’ve developed, and it kind of sucks.

I’ve sat through meetings in which the idea of Jesus being the son of God is literally laughed at, I’ve been called weird names for identifying as Catholic even though I don’t ever come right out and say it, and I’ve been a part of awkward conversations in which everyone makes fun of the Bible while I just sit there waiting for the next topic. And that’s all stuff that has happened within the last 2 months. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, mine just aren’t super popular in my work or my group of friends. So I stay quiet, because honestly what is the point?

I’ve had to bite my tongue in a lot of weird ways, which is insane to me because I never bite my tongue. I always make sure my opinion is known. But when it comes to religion and faith, I let it go. People are on their own journeys, and everyone has to walk their path alone. Whether I talk about my beliefs or not doesn’t directly affect someone who despises organized religion. They have different experiences they are making their judgements off of, and who am I to tell them otherwise?

Write The Word Bible Journal Lara Casey Shop

The Un-Cool Religion

On the other side is living in NYC and having a faith that isn’t sexy. I don’t “worship” in a warehouse with a live band of recently reformed drug addicts. Most of the people who sit near me at mass are either 30 years older than me or my age but surrounded by babies. My pastor is not young and fun and hip. So when I tell people I still go to a Catholic church I get weird looks. You should join me at my church, it’s so much more fun or how can you handle all that old music?! I don’t know, I just do. Sorry Not Sorry.

write the word journal volume 2 by lara casey review weheartbeauty

Organized religion of any kind will always have some darkness in it. It’s sad but it is true. People are all kinds of messed up, so whether the pain and darkness your organized religion has seen is in the past or is in the future, it is there. I don’t completely agree with all things American but I love this country and am proud to live here. And I don’t completely agree with all things Catholic but I love my religion and am proud to be a part of it.

See? There I go again, defending myself. I can hear your doubts and I can feel myself trying so hard to defend my beliefs, not to prove to you that you should share them with me, but to prove to you that I’m not crazy for feeling the way I feel.

Anyway, one of my favorite images that perfectly describes the Catholic Church to me is the famous image of Christ and Heart’s Door. It shows Jesus standing at a door, patiently waiting there. Looking closely, you see there is no door knob there for Him to get in. That’s because He isn’t going to force His way into your life. You have to open the door, man. That. Is. Deep.

The Review

write the word journal volume 2 by lara casey review weheartbeauty

Okay, finally! What we’re all here for. The actual review:

As you have probably noticed by now, I am a sucker for all things Lara Casey. This woman is a true, genuine spirit that I identify with tenfold. We both chased dreams here in NYC and we both have struggled in different but similar ways. When she turned to her faith to help her, it was there. Her Write The Word journals are, in my opinion, one of her greatest creations to date.

The Write the Word Journal is meant for people who “may have a short creative attention span and want an easy fun way to get into the Bible each day.” And while there aren’t exactly Gospel readings in here to be interpreted, it’s more about what is on your mind and heart and how these verses make you feel. Having attending Catholic schools literally my whole life, I am used to having to approach the Bible with an analytical eye within a theology class. But this journal is meant for you to read the simpler passages and relate your feelings to them. It’s a different and lovely way to read the Bible.


  • Gold Foil on EVERY SINGLE PAGE
  • Butter soft, thick pages perfect for any pen or even paints and watercolors
  • Bright white vegan leather cover
  • Over 100 pages
  • 5.5 by 8.5 inches
  • White satin bookmark

This journal is remarkably under priced for the quality. I’ve purchased similar prayer journals that have thick paper covers and flimsy paper on the inside for a similar price. Although they are sold out right now, volume 3 is coming soon and I would highly recommend getting one before they catch on about how under priced it is! Seriously! These should be going for $19, $20, even $22. So far they have been sold for only $15.

write the word journal volume 2 by lara casey review weheartbeauty

I would highly recommend the Write the Word journal to anyone – it is a stationery geek’s nirvana. It is so well made and serves such a wonderful purpose: getting to know the Bible. You can tell it is truly made with love, which makes it all the more exciting to use. Lara Casey does it again, world!

*disclaimer: when I originally wrote this post I was not an affiliate of the Lara Casey Media program. I now proudly am, however all opinions are my own

  • This is so well said! I also grew up catholic, but I didn’t lose touch after high school. During college, I was part of the student catholic community and had a really great experience after that. It was after college, when I moved to a new town, when I lost touch. I realized that, for me, being catholic has to come with a sense of community. I grew up in a small town church, and then of course in college going to church meant being surrounded by a great community. It is incredibly frustrating when people start bashing religion–especially when those people are the type who act like they are so tolerant and accepting of others! I am annoyed when people think that just because I’m catholic, then I just go along with whatever the church says, and that is just not true. No religion is perfect, no person is perfect–when you find your spouse, you’re not going to agree with every single thing that person believes or does. Yes, people do terrible things in the name of religion, but terrible people come from all walks of life. Sorry for such a long, rambling comment, but I definitely identify with everything you said–and as a sucker for pretty writing journals, I will obviously have to check this one out!

    • Kate – THANK YOU for this comment! It is beautiful and I’m so happy to know I’m not alone. I love every point you bring up. It can be hard, but I’m so glad you get it and you identified with this post. It was a long rambling post LOL especially since it was supposed to just be a review! Thank you for reading!! xx

  • India H.

    Awesome post! I found your blog while looking for Powersheet Workbook reviews. I agree with you, and although I’m not Catholic, I am Christian and it sucks that sometimes we are the punching bag in the workplace, but if we speak out about anything we are judgmental/phobic :/. You aren’t alone. I love Lara Casey products as well and If I already wasn’t on my planning/workbook/journal limit for the year, I would definitely purchase it!

    • Thanks India! I am so happy you found my blog!!! Yes, totally – it is such a weird double standard and sometimes it can be so difficult to sit there and just take it so I don’t offend anyone (even though everyone is offending me lol!!).

      And PS I just got my Powersheet Workbook (eee!!!!!) I will be writing a review soon! anything in particular you’d like to see? Let me know!! And thanks for reading and for your comment! :)

      • India H.

        It really can be!! I had a job once where I literally felt like I had to defend every aspect of myself everyday until I finally decided to quit. Way too much stress!

        Omg so exciting! I think I will be ordering one today but I would love to see your thoughts and how you plan to use your workbook for the new year! No problem at all! :)