Review: Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box August 2015

So although I definitely don’t need more jewelry, I will never ever turn it down. The Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box is probably the best kind of jewelry subscription because everything means something and stands for something more. August brought two gorgeous pieces, one of which I have had no trouble incorporating into my every day wardrobe. I love letting accessories do the heavy lifting.

Jasper Stone Amethyst Necklace $98 Retail Value

“Dubbed the supreme nurturer this necklace supports the digestive system and balances the body’s mineral content”

august yogi surprise jewelry box review

Okay, so I’m not always picking up what they’re putting down in terms of stones having a deeper impact on my body… I’m more inclined to buy into the deeper impact on my soul. With or without all the hubbub, I certainly love the quality and craftsmanship of this necklace. The stones are real, so it’s a little bit on the heavy side which is actually nice because this necklace does not disappear when you wear it. It is a constant reminder of your intention. And because they’re real they’re also cool to the touch when you first put it on, which is a nice bonus in the warm summer months. I haven’t been able to make this a part of my regular rotation only because short necklaces make me feel and look like I have a double chin (being honest here), but I love wrapping this around my wrist as a fake bracelet. And also wearing this around my wrist while I drink my morning tea makes me feel pretty bad ass.

Lava Stone Pearl Bracelet $39

“(Lava is) a stone of strength and courage, in essence, the power of fire from within. This bracelet is balanced beautifully by the coolness of fresh water pearls ”

august yogi surprise jewelry box review

Maybe it’s the message behind it or maybe it’s the fact that I’m more inclined to wear a bracelet, but I have been rocking this non stop since it came in the mail. I love the idea that fire in the core of Mother Earth created this – it reminds me of my internal fire. And the pearls remind me that I can’t always be on fire. I need to calm down and I need to remain balanced. Balance, man. It’s definitely the buzz word right now.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t try this Treehouse Drinking Chocolate because it scares me. And also because I’m trying very hard to stick to my organic eating detox. Today marks the end of my first week on the Sakara Life. It’s a very pricey meal plan, but has been incredibly worth it thus far. A full review will be coming soon, but let’s just say I’ve lost my water weight and am feeling a lot lighter at the end of every meal.

Back to the review… if you can’t tell, I love this box. And yoga. Yoga is really an amazing thing to get behind: it’s not just about fitness and strength; it’s a lifestyle. Wearing Yoga inspired jewelry reminds me not only to concentrate on what matters to me, but it also keeps me grounded and reminds me to care about my body. I’ve ignored my body for far too long, so anything that reminds me to treat it right is a step in the right direction.

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