Review: Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box July 2015

I’m an excellent Yogi Wannabe, if I do say so myself. I don’t have a daily practice (though it’s something I’ve been working on), but I do have a fancy Jade Yoga Mat and spend basically all of my extra income on classes. Yoga is such a great thing because it’s not just about the practice or the workout itself: it’s about the lifestyle and how you carry the principles in your practice with you throughout your life. Sometimes I don’t need the fancy lights or the loud music: I just need a mat and an instructor who knows how to challenge me and make me work harder than I ever thought possible. Seeing my dedication to my practice and my desire to make it more a part of my lifestyle, a friend very kindly gifted me the Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box.

This Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box is probably one of my favorite things ever. For only $24.99 per month you receive two full size, handmade, gorgeous, jewelry pieces and one GMO free, consciously made snack as a bonus. In July I received a full 108 bead Mala with a Hamsa sign and a Rose Quartz Lotus Bracelet. Both have exceptional quality and are truly beautiful.

yogi surprise july 2015 jewelry

The box came with a handy insert detailing the meaning behind each item, plus the retail value. This box was only $24.99, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to see that the Mala necklace is worth $75. I’ve been wanting a Mala of my own for quite some time (as you probably know, I’m obsessed with intentional living and wearing your intention is something I totally get behind) so getting this in the mail at such a steep discount is truly a treat.

yogi surprise july 2015 jewelry

This box really is the best of both worlds for me. It combines two of my great loves: Yoga and Jewelry. You thought I was going to say cats and napping, didn’t you? Anyway…. There is a regular Yogi Surprise box that comes with more specific to yoga items, such as mat wipes or essential oils, for about $50 per month. While my practice has not reached that level yet, I am really happy that the Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box is cheaper so I can continue my subscription even after the gift months run out. You can subscribe to Yogi Surprise yourself or gift it for the Yogi or Yogi Wannabe in your life here. Subscription Boxes make really great gifts, I gotta say.