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Yon-Ka Skincare Products, c/o Yon-Ka

I’ve got nothing clever to say except for this: Yon-Ka Beauty, I heart you.

You know those moments you try out a new skincare routine and immediately your face is glowing and everyone compliments you? That is what Yon-Ka has been for me. Lately I’ve been having serious drama with my skin. I’ve developed cystic acne that is literally impossible to treat, which has been the absolute worst. But when I started using Yon-Ka Products right around the 4 day weekend we had over Thanksgiving, I noticed my skin began to clear up. I think the lack of work and stress definitely helped, but it was also so exciting to be able to use new product line that helped lengthen the healthy glow and cleanliness of my skin.

Throughout the past couple of weeks I have been using Yon-Ka products exclusively, and there is a very obvious difference in both the appearance and the feel of my skin: my face feels soft and has less shine and yet more glow.

Gel Nettoyant

The packaging for this is interesting: the white top has a small hole in the middle so you can flip the product over and squeeze it into your hands, similar to body wash. It’s a blue gel that sort of reminds me of hair gel without the sticky part.

I prefer my facial cleansers to be just as hydrating as they are cleansing, and most companies fail to formulate a product that meets that description. The Gel Nettoyant is meant for combination/oily skins, so while it cleanses and hydrates it does so without making my face feel slick and slimy. In addition to being a wonderful cleanser the Gel Nettoyant also has 95% natural ingredients. I oftentimes find natural ingredient cleansers to be a bit “half-assed” in what they are able to accomplish, so knowing that this 200 ml bottle is 5% non natural is no big thing. The key ingredients used in this particular cleanser are Iris, red algae, and essential oils from lavender and geranium.

Toning Lotion

This toning lotion is by far my favorite beauty/skincare product right now, and perhaps the most unique I have ever tried. It is and truly worth every penny.

Billed as a “refreshing, invigorating mist” and “versatile healing water,” this Lotion Yon-Ka seems more like a magical serum meant only for super models that was captured by scientists and sold in a beautiful pink glass bottle for us mere mortals. First, it is not a “toner” in the way I am used to. You know the kind: put it on a cotton round, wipe it around your face after cleansing, see all the leftover dirt that was remaining on your face, proceed to feel disgusted. Although this is categorized as a toner on Yon-Ka’s website, it is actually sprayable face lotion. Say what?

It’s for dry skin (which I have in the winter – although it doesn’t feel like winter yet but that is a different story), and meant for any time of day. I spray it after cleansing in both the morning and evening and massage in any excess. In the morning after waiting for it to dry I’ll also add a moisturizer.

Vital Defense Morning Moisturizer

This “anti-oxidant, anti-pollution” cream is meant to be your skin’s defender during the day. It is a much thicker formula than I am used it, so I use no a drop smaller than a penny for my entire face. After warming it in my hands, I gently press the moisturizer onto my face. I try not to pack on too much because I won’t want it to clog my pores and cause more breakouts. It does have a soft citrus scent which is a great wake up call in the morning.

While the price points on these products are a little bit more than I’m used to spending, this is very much one of those cases where you get what you pay for. Yon-Ka products are of exceptional quality: they transform a dull morning and evening routine into a luxurious experience.

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