September Beauty Faves

I’ve been rocking some new things in the beauty department lately. Three things to be specific: a new fragrance, a new body butter, and an old-but-new-again moisturizer. 

1. A New Fragrance: Lara by Flidais Parfumerie

Late last month I went to the Long Island City Flea Market to explore a bit. While browsing through the aisles a small display of perfumes caught my eye. The fancily named Flidais Parfumerie had several different scents, each with unique names such as Wyatt, Vera, and Kumiko. I perked up quite a bit when I noticed the name Lara on display! Lara has been my nickname since forever. In fact, my oldest and closest friends refer to me by this name. I only started officially going by my birth name, Larisa, after I graduated college. After spotting and smelling the Lara scent I immediately felt a bond with both the owner and her shop. The scent was lovely: natural, real, and simple. The packaging was minimalistic, clean, and elegant. While normally I don’t go for citrus scents it really didn’t matter: it was named after my so clearly I had to have it. I’ve never been able to find my name on a mug or keychain, so to find it on a perfume in one of my favorite neighborhoods was very exciting. It definitely made up for all those failed missions at gift shops growing up! I swooped up a roll-on scent and the rest is history.

flidais parfumerie lara perfume

2. A New Body Butter: Lavendar Ylang Body Butter by Natural Inspirations

During our first Adirondack Adventure we stopped at Long Lake on the way home. Long Lake seemed to be a much “hotter” tourist stop: it had tons of Long Lake paraphernalia including mugs, wine glasses, sweaters, and post cards. During our stop I ventured into the beauty second of the local store (obviously) and was very excited to find a selection of new-to-me product lines. the body butter caught my eye (I’ve been meaning to pick some up since the beginning of the summer), and I truly fell in love with the scent: not so lavender-y that I felt like I was being put to sleep, but still reminiscent of it enough to provide a tranquil, spa-like escape for just a brief moment. While it doesn’t ultra moisturize (I’d liken it more to a regular body lotion than a body butter) it does do a wonderful job of keeping my legs smooth throughout the majority of the day.

natural inspirations lavendar ylang body butter

3. An old-but-new-again moisturizer: Korres Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream

Okay, so this kind of weird but whatever. This is a 3 year old face cream that I found while clearing out my sample drawer. I know beauty products eventually expire, but after testing this one out I can safely say that it has not reached its end. Korres used to have an exclusive line for Delta (not sure if they still do) which is where I got this sample. I recently ran out of my korres wild rose moisturizer, and this seemed like the next best thing. It is a very light moisturizer, perfect for the summer. However, I find myself still enjoying the little I have left even as the weather has started to cool down. It is available in its full size and has various cleansers and toners to go along with it. While I’m enjoying my wild rose collection right now, I am definitely open to changing it up next month. This whole greek yogurt thing… I’m taking it to the next level.

korres nourishing yogurt

I’m definitely transitioning into loving beauty products all over again. There was a while when I was happy just using regular drug store items, but lately I find myself indulging in more luxurious feeling products for whatever reason. There really is nothing more relaxing than a nice bubble bath and all the bath products that go with it: sugar scrubs, body butters, face masks, and moisturizing soaps. I really do heart beauty, don’t I?