Taking Skincare Seriously

I’m bad at taking self-care things seriously. I don’t know why. I usually wait until I’m about to have a breakout to get serious about my skin, wait until my headache is mind-numbing before I take medication, or wait until my pants don’t fit to actually start eating well. Okay, the last one is a lie: I don’t wear pants, and I prefer cookies over all things. But that is all beside the point: I’m bad at self-care. And I’m here to do something about it. I want to prevent breakouts and be proactive about my skin rather than reactive. I want to develop good skincare habits, and I’m hoping it’s not too late!

Picking a Routine and Regimen

When I first heard of the Korean Skincare 10 Step Routine I was not sure what to think – it is a LOT of steps and I was really not trying to over-complicate my life! But I wanted to try something new and had heard really great things not only about Korean beauty products but also about the 10 step routine. There’s a lot of information out there, but at the heart of it is the idea that skincare is more important than makeup.

Getting Confused

When I decided to do the full 10 step regimen, the steps were daunting. I was pulling up my phone between every step to see if I was doing it in the right order, and getting water all over my phone every single time (insert eye-roll here). I always went for my toner and then forgot that I was supposed to exfoliate first. And serums went on when? I messed up so many times in that first week.

Being Inconsistent

Even when I did get it right, consistency is key. I kept skipping days and doing the bare minimum because I’m lazy, busy, and figured I could do it another time. I also wouldn’t remember if I had done the exfoliating step too often, or if I had been doing a sheet mask enough.

Making It A Habit

Habits are formed slowly, over a long period of time. After giving it my best try for 2 weeks I finally decided to design something I could truly use – a way to track my skincare routine for real.

This skincare printable lists out the steps, allows you to write in the name of your product, and has individual areas for you to track how often you do it. Did you exfoliate on the 3rd? Cross out the number 3. You get the picture.

Having this skincare printable hanging behind my medicine cabinet door really helped me make sure I was doing things the right way.

Grab Yours for Free

This skincare printable available in my Etsy shop, but if you’re reading this you can get it delivered directly to your inbox FOR FREE. All I need is your email, and it will get sent to you automatically!

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Starting Fresh

I like to think of tracking my skincare routine as a challenge – it’s pretty counterintuitive to bring a pen and paper into the restroom with you, but in the name of beauty, I do it! Being able to use this skincare printable to truly cultivate a new habit has been a long time coming. It’s worked so well for me, and I hope you love it too.

Here’s to double cleansing and lots of SPF!