Snow Day with Winter Storm Jonas

The blizzard was a ton of fun but totally insane. Mr. Winter Storm Jonas was a lot worse than anticipated, so unfortunately my mom’s flight got cancelled and we had to nix all the wedding planning and mother daughter-ing. She’s scheduled another time to be here, which rocks because you guys: I need my mom. I’ve been planning the wedding 3,000 miles away from her and it’s been fine, but there are moments that you just look forward to having your mom there. It was really sad that she couldn’t be here this past weekend, but weather happens you know?! Blah.

Back to the snow: I’ve been in NYC for the past eight years, so I’ve seen how intense the winters can get. But this one definitely took the cake, mainly because it was historic and the Mayor forgot about my poor borough. So. Much. Snow.Two of my favorite friends came over on Friday night for what has become a traditional Friendship Friday: champagne, Mario Kart, etc. When we realized the snow was serious business it was too late for either of them to make the trek home, so we opted to be snowed in together. It was a hilariously fun weekend and I’m so glad we spent it together!

We braved the storm only once to get some groceries, and we were promptly covered from head to toe in all the snow flakes. It was pretty hilarious trying to walk through everything and battling the snow and wind with friends. Definitely not something I would have done alone!

winter snow storm jonas nyc queens

Besides our singular venture outside on the actual snowy day, we played lots of games and did what you’re supposed to do in a snow storm: bake cookies.   We also watched a million movies, played a few games, watched a lot of YouTube videos, did some face masks, and ate a lot of candy. Phoenix seemed to enjoy the attention, although I think he was eventually pretty tired of having us cramp his style. He’s not used to us being home for that long!

Snow Day with Winter Storm Jonas in NYC cookies cat in winter storm jonas

On Sunday we eventually shoveled the car out, and got depressed as we prepared for re-entry into the real world. Oh, Mondays. You always seem to really suck, don’t you? Hope you all stayed safe and nice and warm this past weekend! Here’s to the snow melting and the streets actually getting plowed, eh?