Summer Bucket List

It’s highly unlikely that this summer will be able to top last summer, but we can certainly try. Three of my favorite people who recently moved away from NYC are making a comeback visit next month, plus it’s my birthday pretty soon! We’re saving money for the wedding, so it leaves little room for big vacation adventures, but I’m excited to make the most out of the best time of the year :)

  • Lose another 10 pounds (determined to after treating my body like crap the past two months)
  • Hike up Bear Mountain (scheduled for next weekend!)
  • Enjoy the Beach (scheduled for the 4th of July!)
  • Take our local walks a bit further: to LIC and the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge reflection brooklyn dumbo art house

  • Central Park Summer Stage (this Wednesday!)
  • Discover new places to dine (we’re creatures of habit and frequent the same places far too often)
  • Marie Kondo the crap out of the new apartment (thanks Alexa for the book!)

marie kondo the life chaning magic of tidying up

  • Have a weekend getaway anywhere (when you want to escape the city you tend to have lower standards)

I’m keeping it fairly simple based off the fact that I don’t want to be disappointed if we get too busy to do all these fun things. A girl’s gotta work to pay the bills, you know? I do wish we could adventure a little bit more, but the truth is that I really am loving these fun filled weekends and lazy weeknights. On that note, sorry it’s been a little quiet around here lately. Between working full time, freelancing part time, moving, and being sick for two weeks I’ve been more exhausted than I’d like to admit. But for the first time in a long time I’m finally feeling back to my regular self and hoping there are no more obstacles in my way! Here’s to a fun summer.

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