If you were in NYC last night you were most likely taking all the photos of the beautiful sunset. I love a good sunset so my heart melted at the view of the cotton candy turned purple turned dark blue sky. Mike and I were already seated down for dinner when the powers that be decided to put on a very serious show. We were surrounded by buildings and with zero roof access in TriBeCa, but I did my best to capture what I could.

And on a more personal note: I’m happy to report that after a few days of much needed rest I’m finally back to feeling more and more like myself. Thank you, genuinely, to everyone for your kindness and your concerns. I’m excited to be back to writing and blogging, and to be working on this little secret project of mine (hint: my subscribers will know what’s up first, so sign up asap!).

sunset in manhattan IMG_7288 sunset in manhattan sunset in manhattan