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March 29, 2013

We don’t have any concrete plans for tonight, or for anything this weekend other than Easter really, but how can you not be incredibly happy about Friday?

This week has been a “Spring Break” of sorts, and while the warmer weather isn’t exactly as nice as I’d prefer it is definitely not something I can complain about. Here are some snaps from this week…


I painted my nails to match my coffee mug, searched high and low for the Ommegang Iron Thone Ale with no success, found adorable collector’s edition covers of classic novels at a local book store, enjoyed the sunshine on The High Line with my cousins, searched for vintage goodies in Brooklyn, found a new use for my Anthropologie mug, and ensured that the roomies and I established ourselves as a giraffe, a bunny, and a cat. All in all I would say I had a pretty successful week.


Also – I finally joined the 21st Century and am now on Facebook! Want to make this girl very happy? Like my page! If I reach 100 likes this weekend, I just might host a giveaway :). 

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