Review: The Big Fake Wedding NYC at Houston Hall

As you might have seen on my instagram (or if you follow me on snapchat @lovelaralove), my fiance and I attended The Big Fake Wedding at Houston Hall last night. We were invited by the lovely Tatiana of White Elephant Events NY.  It was such a fun, beautifully put together event courtesy of Brides Magazine.

The Big Fake Wedding NYC aug 2015Most bridal expos are, for lack of a better word, old. They’re completely outdated with vendors who don’t know care what you’re looking for because they’re the experts so they know best. I’m a perfectionist and a planner (duh) so I can’t accept this kind of attitude from anyone I work with. I’ve never paid anyone more than $100 to do anything for me, so when you’re talking about paying ten to twenty times that amount… you better believe I need you to be hands on and understand my vision! This event was 100% unique in every way. Each vendor understands the current vibe of a young bride who wants to curate her own wedding. No one was trying to sell anything cookie cutter … in fact, everyone was so unique! It was truly a wonderful experience.

The Big Fake Wedding NYC (12)

The venue was incredible. True to NY, it is a re purposed venue with lots of history having been an FBI parking garage that was built in 1907. Now it is a beer garden that brews everything on premises and has food that is to die for. Please excuse the lack of food photos… we didn’t eat dinner so we swooped up everything as soon as it was near us! All the food was served as passed appetizers and there was nothing we didn’t love. They had grilled cheese sandwiches with mushrooms, pesto pizza, buffalo chicken empanadas, sliders, and pretzels.

The tables were designed by the multiple different wedding coordinators that were featured at the event. Each table was done so beautifully, it was like pinterest come to life. I kid you not. I was obsessed the moment we walked in. Some of my favorites:

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The Big Fake Wedding NYC white elephant events
Table Design by White Elephant Events!

The vow renewal was very sweet, although it was a liiiitle bit awkward. I felt bad for the couple for having to share their beautiful words with total strangers! However, it was so much fun dancing with them and their families later in the evening. It was so unique (there’s that word again!) to be able to see the vendors in action: from the makeup, floral arrangements and veil, to the ceremony music to the reception DJ.

The vendors themselves were truly all sweethearts. And almost everyone gave away something if you gave them your email address. Too easy! In addition to the goodies in my goodie bag I came home with macaroons, woopie pies, cookies, nail polish, notepads, pencils, and custom soap!

Speaking of Goodie Bags…

Let me start by saying: does it bother anyone else that these are now called Swag Bags? I understand that the term “Goodie Bags” can be reminiscent of a 4 year old’s birthday party, but “Swag Bags”? Really? It kills me. It’s not like it’s a new concept, people. Goodie Bags have always been a thing and have always had a name. Stop trying to make fetch work, Gretchen! End rant.

If you checked out my snapchat story last night you got a sneak peek at everything I got. Here’s a full rundown:

TheBigFakeWedding Gift Bag (6)

  • Three different magazines, including the current edition of BRIDES
  • A roomy pink tote bag!
  • A compact mirror from Things Remembered
  • A champagne flute inscribed “I found my 1 in 7 billion” from Things Remembered
  • Mini Essie Nail Polish from Sophie Kawalek Photograpy (a personal favorite – such a cute idea!)
  • A package full of Justin’s Organic Sweets … yum!
  • A To Do List notepad from Look Sharp Events (this chick speaks my language)
  • A personalized magnet with a photo from the event by Moments on Magnets
  • A lemon bar and a pumpkin bar from Cake Heights
  • A Macaroon from LVR Events
  • Two Soap Favor Samples by Olivenar – a very cute idea for welcome bags or favors

TheBigFakeWedding Gift Bag (2)

I have to say that this is probably the best wedding planning event I’ve attended to date. It was such a great way to mingle with like-minded vendors who understand the current aesthetic that a modern bride is going for. Although all this hand lettering is starting to make me nauseous. Is anyone else nervous that Rifle and Co. is becoming the next Ed Hardy? That’s a big challenge I’m facing – how do I make sure my Spring wedding doesn’t look like a trendy wedding from 2014? Yikes!

Another amazing perk about attending this event was that since we were invited by White Elephant Events, Tatiana was super sweet and gave us our own special goodie bag!


We are so grateful to our photographer, Brandi, for introducing us to Tatiana and we can’t wait to begin working with them both! After speaking with Tatiana, Mike looked at me and confirmed that we are definitely soul sisters. I need someone who can help with day of coordination since my mother and my sister in law (both the BAMFs of either side of the family) are both in the bridal party. They’ll be taking pictures with us, and besides, I want them to enjoy themselves and not have to plan. We’re excited to have found a great match and hope that more of the vendors we met last night work out.

Wedding planning…. it is not for the faint of heart! But I love it (this was my original major in college, after all) and I can’t wait to share that special day with my man and our families. Yaaas weddings yaaaas!