The Upper West Side

A delicious burger at The Dead Poet on Amsterdam

I don’t explore the city much. I’m obsessed with exploring outside the city lately. I’m pretty jaded by the actual city: the cost of everything, the craziness trying to get somewhere, and the experience as a whole is not something I appreciate anymore. I’d rather be upstate or in an outer borough supporting a small business. But every once in a while I’ll explore some new places. This past weekend I had dinner with one of my favorite people, followed by drinks and treats and roaming around the Upper West Side.

big magic elizabeth gilbert book

“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert

The evening started off with the way all friendship dates should start off: at a book store. We met up at Barnes and Noble on Broadway, where I proceeded to obsess over everything I saw. I think maybe it’s because I have been hanging out more and more with a bookworm, but I am really happy to be getting back into my reading habits. Growing up I was a huge book more: I always had a new book and would stay up way later than I ever should have in order to finish certain chapters. For the past year I have felt really disconnected from this old hobby. Since I don’t take the train anymore I don’t have a commute and don’t need to kill time. I have to actively make time to read.

Anyway, as you might have seen I’ve been listening to Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert. So far it has been filled with the most useful information I’ve found in my adult life. After reading the first few pages I opted to get the book the podcast is based off of. I’m devouring it so far: it was definitely a purchase worth making.

treat house upper west side

treat house upper west side treat house upper west side

treat house nyc treat house nyc

The Treat House on Amsterdam. Delicious, gourmet rice crispy treats: who knew there could be so many flavors?

After dinner we went to The Dead Poet where we met up with Mike. But I couldn’t be sitting next to a gourmet bakery and not get something! I went to Treat House on Amsterdam and bought four fun rice crispy treats. The guys behind the counter were kind enough to let me take photos of the store. I loved the flavorful rice crispy treats and the adorable designs! I also was pleasantly surprised to learn that these are made at their commissary in Astoria, Queens! Love giving Queens some love :).

cafe lalo upper west side nyc

Creeping outside of Cafe Lalo on West 83rd. This is the cute cafe featured on You’ve Got Mail. Yes 90s… yaaass.

There’s definitely a lot more to the Upper West Side, including Zabar’s and Book Culture and Paper Source and Organic Avenue. One evening simply isn’t enough. I used to work in this area so I know it pretty well… so I guess that doesn’t technically count as my exploring NY, does it? Welp. I guess I could always drag myself to a couple of different neighborhoods! Might as well make the most of it. What’s the point in being a New Yorker if you can’t check out all the new places?