Twenty Sixteen

{Photo by AlexisJuneWeddings)

2016 was the year we accidentally accomplished too much. We took our time planning the wedding – almost two years to be exact – so when April came around it felt both totally expected and yet completely out of nowhere.

All of a sudden, I was a wife.

We decided to skip the honeymoon and potentially plan it for later in the year (spoiler alert: that did not happen). We enjoyed our first few months as husband and wife just relaxing, enjoying each other’s company and taking it easy. Then in June we found out we would be much more than just newlyweds: we would be parents, too.

Even though I was pregnant, I knew I was feeling unfulfilled in my work and I wanted to get back into blogging. But instead of doing something about it, I let the weeks just slip by and didn’t ever make a genuine effort to make it work again. Until October. I missed my freelancing work. I missed being able to connect with other bloggers and online creatives. So I started working as a Virtual Assistant in addition to my full-time position. It has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made.

I learned a lot, but three key things really stand out to me when I look back on 2016.


Make a Decision and Just Do It

day designer for blue sky planner review 2016I made the decision to become a VA on Oct 14. I put the services on my website and starting posting about it on Oct 17. I had my first email inquiry on Oct 20. She told me I was too expensive on Oct 21. She then asked to speak with me again anyway on Oct 24. We had an initial call on Oct 25. She booked me and paid on Oct 30th.

So in just 16 days this idea went from just something in my head to something concrete. I took action immediately and all of a sudden, things just started to happen.

I now have 5 amazing clients who I freelance for on the evenings and weekends, and whom I absolutely love working with. All because I had a crazy idea and just decided to do something about it rather than overthink it a million times.

Sometimes you just have to make the decision and DO IT before you talk yourself out of it. Fear kills – be brave and just get it done!

Family Is Everything

©AlexisJuneWeddingsAt dinner on New Year’s Eve, Mike and I were talking about all the things we realized in 2016 (how Kylie Jenner of us). This year I really let myself fall in love with our families. Our parents never cease to amaze us, and I don’t write this because I know my mom reads this ;). I write this because it’s true – Mike and I would be nothing and nowhere without the love and support of both of our families.

I feel a little terrible because so much happening in such a short amount of time, but the truth is this: we come from amazing people who love and support us no matter what. My mom is actually superwoman, putting me and my siblings first before everyone. The amount of times my parents made weekend trips to NYC from CA to visit Mike and I is almost endless – I don’t think I can count the trips on one hand.

Regardless of how busy their lives are, they are still putting us first. I love them for that.

We Have the Greatest Friends

View More:’ll never forget the people who stayed up with me until 2am the week before the wedding to put together favors. Or the people who ran random errands for me after working a 12 hour shift because I forget to pick up the gifts/candles/programs. Or the people who flew across the country to witness Mike and I exchange vows. I’ll never forget the outpouring of love we received, and continued to receive, every time we need help. During the bridal showers, the wedding, the move, and the baby shower, we literally could not ask for better people to be in our lives.

2016, I absolutely adored you. Thank you for being so good to us.