Desktop Wallpaper Favorites

Adorable desktop + iphone background freebie from Venus Trapped in Mars

Regardless of what you do for a living, chances are a lot of your day is spent looking at some kind of tech. And I can’t be the only one that thinks a nice background remix is a great way to start the week. And as a fun Monday treat I’ve compiled some of my favorite free backgrounds from a few of my favorite blogs. Click through to view them all!

Click each photo to download a high res version:

From Design Love Fest: There are always way too many backgrounds to choose from at Design Love Fest. Most of my backgrounds are from this site, and while it’s impossible to play favorites, here are two that I’m loving right now:
free desktop wallpaper stripes

free desktop wallpaper

From Ashley Brooke Designs: I love the whimsical loopy-ness of all Ashley Brooke’s handwriting. And of course I love this song, so that makes this background perfect!


 From Oh So Lovely Blog: I just discovered this blog and I am loving all the freebies!



From Emily Ley: Get every monogram letter in multiple colors! My only peeve about this is that it does force you to download and extract every single letter and color, but the more the merrier I guess!



From Red Stamp: I’ve always loved everything from Red Stamp and their February backgrounds are on point. Loving the not-that-pink-but-still-Valentine’s theme.


From The Lovely Drawer: Another great blog I just recently stumbled upon thanks to good ole pinterest!


Does anyone else have other great spots to download some free backgrounds? Would love to know! Here’s to an awesome week.