Wedding Registry at Anthropologie

We registered at three places for our wedding: Zola, Target, and Anthropologie. Guys, can I be honest? The registry was the most fun part for me. A lot of people complain about it, but we did it all online and without any drama. Online shopping, man. It’s the way to go.

We’re so excited to use this opportunity to upgrade everything we currently have. I’m over the moon about being able to go for an actual aesthetic instead of all that Target stuff we’ve had since senior year of college. Those items have served their purpose but I’m ready to Marie Kondo/Princess Elsa and let it go. Okay, sorry for the bad joke. I had to! Moving on…

We registered at three places: Zola, Target, and Anthropologie. And we did it all online, and by we I mean me and then I showed Mike and he pretended to care. Love him. I know of a lot of couples where both parties love interior design but love opposite things and I can’t imagine it. I haven’t had to approve any home decor with Mike ever, and man oh man that is something amazing to appreciate. I remember having awkward passive aggressive exchanges with old roommates in college about random throw blankets and curtains and paint colors and everything in between. I’m so grateful that part of my life is over. I don’t do passive aggressive well, anyway ;).

whb wedding registry kitch

All of these items are from our wedding registry at Anthropologie. I’m not an affiliate so I’m not going to link to anything (also: I’m lazy), but you get the idea. Most of our regular timeless registry items are on Zola. We want to have classic items, but I just would never be able to forgive myself if we didn’t have all the fun and whimsical items I’ve always dreamed about. I can imagine having our families over for dinner and putting the main dishes on normal white platters, but give me a gold serving utensil please! Or better yet, a twig like serving utensil. Stahp. Adorable.

whb wedding registry bath

Confession: I didn’t actually register for that basket or mirror. We mainly registered for cute towels, but that makes for an ugly collage and who wants that? I try to keep things in the bathroom fairly simple because I think it should be a nice oasis. It’s the first space you spend time in the morning, and I don’t want to over compensate for lack of energy with insane colors. I always go for a cool, neutral color scheme. I mean, I might also be terrified of over decorating so that’s why I do this. I also say this knowing that yes we have a hot pink canvas painting of the Brooklyn Bridge in the bathroom right now but that’s only because I couldn’t find a better place for it. I always mean well but I often mess up #storyofmylife.

Next week I’ll be sharing some of our registry items for the bedroom and the living room. Those are the things I’m most excited for because those are the two places that feel so generic. Our living room is especially bland right now – we have nice curtains and comfortable couches but our throw pillows and coffee table look so plain. I am not trying to live in an Ikea catalog anymore, although that was definitely was definitely my dream a couple of years ago!

It’s crazy how weird growing up is, and how I can feel myself doing it as it is happening. Like, remember when buying all your home decor from Home Goods was chill? And now I want to buy the genuine thing or find stuff at a Flea Market. I want to travel and buy something overseas to remind me of the wonderful adventures we had. I don’t want generic stuff anymore. I’m a hipster, you guys. I did it. And also please note that I still love Home Goods. I just tone it down and only get 1 or 2 items instead of 15 or 20…..