Weekly Wrap Up No. 5

Happy Friday dolls!

Normally I actually want to punch anyone who says “Happy Friday” to me. Friday is not a holiday, people. I worked my ass off to get to the end of the week! And I know I chose to freelance part time but it also means the weekend is kind of a myth and I just spend more time working.

However, I’m feeling just a little extra celebratory this weekend because it’s finally time for us to make it a real, Fall filled weekend. We haven’t done any of the apple picking pumpkin carving Autumn things that you’re supposed to. So I’m really excited to get getting away (again) to my current favorite place in the world: the Adirondacks! I planned this trip the moment we got back from ADK Part 1, and we’ve been waiting for it since then.

I am so excited to spend some much-needed down time with Mike and our friends. This time tomorrow, we’ll be super hip hiking to water falls and up mountains and staging obnoxious fall foliage photoshoots with my new cam and laying under the stars. The assholes are back in the Adirondacks, and I am thrilled to be one of them. So, on that note: Happy Friday!

What I’m Reading:
  • Lots of blogs this week. Love all things Gal Meets Glam, specifically this post about her new Bauble Bar collection! Congrats again, Julia!
  • You guys know about my deep and everlasting love of The Nectar Collective – and at this point, you’re probably like WE GET IT, LARISA. But unless you’ve read the article “4 Things to Consider When You Feel Like Giving Up,” you don’t really get it yet. Click it. Read it. Live it.
  • How to Make Things Happen by the ever-wise, always wonderful Lara Casey. Her advice about finding your “inner circle” is especially brilliant.

Red Pipe Cafe Queens NY Avocado Egg and Cheese Toast

Heavy on the fats, I know. But this is one of my favorite morning meals at a local cafe.

What I’m Listening To:

 What I’m Watching:
  • I don’t know if you are all aware of this but GILMORE GIRLS IS GETTING A REVIVAL ON NETFLIX!  I’m so excited I could maybe cry a little bit. I tried to keep it cool but it didn’t work. (I freaked out. Big time.)
  • I’m a huge fan of Maria Coz of Femtrepreneur, and this week I was so pumped to see her on Periscope! Her thoughts on creating profitable online courses have been very helpful to me – if you haven’t been joining her on #30coursetips you need to be.
  • Did you see that Star Wars trailer?! Omgah. I may not understand everything that’s happening in it, but damn am I excited.

hiking in the adirondacks

From our most recent ADK trip. I won’t be able to wear shorts on our upcoming hike but I can’t wait to be in the woods again.

What I Did This Week:
  • Fell in love with my new rose gold iPhone 6! This phone and I were meant for each other, and our love will last forever (or at least until I inevitably drop/break/lose it.)
  • In related news: used the aforementioned new phone to express some serious emoji appreciation.
  • Wrote up some real talk with my body-realistic post, I Am More Than My Body. A genuine thank you to everyone who read this post and an extra thank you to any one who texted me, commented here on on Facebook, or tweeted at me. Love having the support of so many wonderful humans.
  • Traded my perfectly straight hair for messy beach waves with the Kiss InstaWave Curling Iron, aka the easiest curling iron ever invented. This magic wand is seriously so simple that I can get perfectly tousled curls even before I’ve had my morning coffee.
  • Celebrated the METS making the WORLD SERIES OMGAAAHHH! Mike has been a #1 Mets fan his whole life, and this week was basically heaven for him. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of orange and blue, smiling faces and happy dances in our apartment this week.
  • Reviewed some of my favorite wedding registry choices from Anthropologie. I am SO excited to get the chance to update my apartment with all the whimsical items I’ve always wanted! Oh, and that whole marriage thing is pretty exciting too.

Finally sat down to read the Fall Knot mag. Love getting inspiration for the big day!

Where I’m Shopping This Weekend:
  • I am obsessing over the new #BBxGMG collection! All of my favorites are wait listed right now and it’s killing me, but I’m counting down the days until they can be mine.
  • Billabong is still hosting an amazing 50% off sale and I’ve got my eyes on some beachpants that look cozy enough for all seasons. Besides, a sun-powered California girl like myself needs to plan ahead for brighter, warmer tomorrows.
  • Buuuut since it is actually fall, and maybe basically winter, I should probably stock up on some low-cost and cozy jackets from Forever 21. The new draped-front coat and faux-leather bomber jackets are two of my personal favorites

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been listening to the new Adele on repeat and it’s amazing and I’m losing my mind. I packed for our drive and upcoming trip and am pretty excited to GTFO of the city. Hey, upstate, I love you. See you very very soon!

Keep in Touch This Weekend! You know I’ll be grammin and snappin up a storm.

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