Weekly Wrap Up No. 4

“Aha!” Moment: (n) a moment of sudden insight or discovery.

Do you ever have one of those weeks, months or years that feels like one drawn-out “aha!” moment? A period of time where you seem to be reading, hearing or seeing messages that all point to one conclusion, where you’re developing a new philosophy about your life, work or relationships that just keeps becoming applicable to each aspect of your day to day life? This has been one of those weeks.

Any of you regular readers already know, I’ve been preeeetttyyy stressed out lately. It’s a good stress, a productive “things are happening!” stress, but it’s stress all the same. As much as I believe that pushing yourself and testing your limits leads to great things, the past several weeks have been a struggle to balance life, work and the millions of little things in between. Through it all, I’ve come to realize that in order to grow, I have to restructure my priorities and loosen the vise-grip on all the little things that were once “business as usual.” I have to learn to outsource. I have to reprioritize. I have to let go to grow.

Whew! Let’s move on and talk about what I did OTHER than become a pseudo philosopher this week:

What I’m Reading:
  • In the midst of all the wedding planning, I’ve been revisiting my more sentimental posts about my relationship with my fiancee. Reading my thoughts about how far we’ve come and how much we’ve been through just reminds me of why I’m so excited to walk down that aisle and become his wife. And yes, I’m that guy that rereads her own work. Haters gonna hate!
  • I loved this NY Mag article about The Brutal Economics of Being a Yoga Teacher. As a huge yoga fan, future pilates teacher, and someone who works in the fitness industry I totally get this. Even if you’re not into sun salutations, check out the way that social media is forever changing the face of the neighborhood yoga studio. #Namaste
  • I know Thought Catalog can be a little hit-or-miss (although I think they scored a slam dunk when they published my article about being a proud Yuccie!) but this post about the surprising benefits of self-acceptance really rang true for me. Highly recommend that you read it and pass it along to anyone you know who is struggling to reach their full potential. So everyone. Send it to everyone.
What I’m Listening To:
  • I’m loving Alessia Cara’s single “Here” this week. Thank GOD someone finally said this about house parties. If it’s not happening in my living room, I’m not interested.
  • Does listening to my inner motivational speaker count? This week I’ve been tuning out all the negative and turning up all the positive, like with my favorite Jess Lively temporary tattoos.


What I’m Watching:
  • Professional sports (whaaat)! That’s right, Mike is literally the happiest and as I’m writing this he is coming down from an intense Mets high.
  • Sometimes when I’m really busy, I feel like I don’t even have the energy to absorb new plots and characters, so any TV time is dedicated to reruns of old favorites. This week, I rekindled my love and refreshed my encyclopedic knowledge of the best Law & Order there is: SVU. I’ll always love you, Elliot Stabler.

What I Did This Week:

  • Bought a new toy that I am completely obsessed with! Get ready for photoshoots with friends to reach another level of ridiculousness.
  • Created our wedding registry with Mike and started planning our third (yes, third) engagement photo shoot. I’ve heard that a lot of couples get into arguments over the registry, but M and I had a great time!
  • On a related note: realized my wedding $$$ priorities aren’t exactly in line with the average bride. Oops. Whatever.
  • Didn’t get a flu shot and immediately regretted it.
  • Celebrated the final month of my Birchbox subscription with my favorite box yet. I’m gonna miss you, B.
  • Started getting pumped for the upcoming For Love and Money Twitter Chat! If you’re a blogger or an online business owner, you should definitely join!
  • Invested in yet another planner perfectly designed to help me keep my hectic life in order. When I say I have an obsession, I’m not kidding. But with fully customizable planners like The Happy Planner by Create 365, who can blame me?
  • And in case you thought my obsession with Periscope was over: it definitely isn’t.


Where I’m Shopping This Weekend:
  • I am so obsessed with the new 2015 Fall Arrivals from Forever 21 that it’s actually a little insane. Listen, F21, it’s great that you’re so inexpensive, but it doesn’t exactly work when I want to buy everything in the store.
  • Billabong is having an unreal 50% off Sale! There are some bikinis on sale that I am just dying to get my hands on. Yes, I know it’s the middle of October right now, but if I’m going to lose weight for the wedding you know I’m going to show it off during the hooneymoon. Besides, buying out of season is a great way to save big!

The agenda this weekend is all about staying in town and GETTING SH*T DONE. I have a client website launching tonight (!!), a client coaching session on Saturday morning, a birthday part on Saturday night, Church, Yoga, and another client meeting on Sunday, and spacing out some time for myself to read and relax in between it all. Here’s to an amazing and productive weekend! We got this, world.