Weekly Wrap Up No. 6

Ugh. Just. Ugh.

You know how I was all bright and perky last Friday? (As bright and perky as someone with my “stop staring at the glass and just drink it or don’t already, we have lives to live here,” attitude can be, anyway.)

Yeah. That’s over. Goodbye magical changing leaves season, hello cold and flu season.

I guess you could say that the one good thing about getting sick is that it often forces you to take a break, even if it’s only a partial break. Sure, I may have re-upped my wedding planning from my deathbed, but at least I took a little time off of work to recover a bit!

Lucky for you lovelies, not even the worst symptoms could keep me off of my laptop, so if you’d like to know what I did this week other than melodramatically ask Mike to prepare my last will and testament, read on:


What I’m Reading:

  • During my sick day I snuggled up with Phoenix and my copy of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. A little inspiration turned out to be a decent mood medication, even if it didn’t make all the sniffling stop.
  • Some f*cking terrible news about my bae, bacon. Excuse you, science but nobody asked for your opinion.
  • Day Designer recently published the article 7 Reasons You Should Say No to Multitasking and I’ve been reading and re-reading all week. As someone who likes to pretend that she can flawlessly juggle ten projects at once, it’s good to remember why structure and focus are more valuable than business and stress.


What I’m Listening To:

  • How about the soothing sounds of a freaking gorgeous waterfall that I literally hiked into? Nature, you guys.
  • Um, hi Adele, how are you and where the hell have you been? Yes, I listened to her new single “Hello” on repeat because I have a soul and everything from her lyrics to her eyeliner fills that soul with emotions.
  • I absolutely love taking road trips with my friends, at least in part because we always manage to find a song or two (or twelve) to belt out together. This time around, “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes was our no. 1. Love you, Shawn
  • A few playlists so emo that only Ned Stark’s Bastard himself could truly put a face to the feels.


What I’m Watching:

  • My back. Let’s just say things got a little “creepy murderer stalks the cabin in the woods” last weekend and I was pretty sure I was going to be the first one chopped into pieces. Happy Halloween!
  • Speaking of the holidays: it’s that time of year where you just have to get together with your loved ones to #HocusPocusandchill
  • Aaaaand basically every other second of my tv/movie leisure time has been spent rewatching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the revival. Listen, I’m not saying that you should follow me on Twitter just so that you can get my incredible live-tweets of early GG, but I’m not NOT saying that either. Decade-old spoilers ahead.


What I Did This Week:

Where I’m Shopping This Weekend:

  • Being under the weather always makes me want to bundle up, so I’ve been spending my sick days searching for the perfect sweaters to snuggle up in this winter. You know I’m a huge fan of Forever 21, and a few of their cozy sweaters have been calling my name.

Are you tired of hearing how much I have on my plate? Me too. I’m excited to launch another client site and my very own We Heart Branding. Sure, I’ve over committed myself just a little bit, but it’s officially time to get my sh*t together: sick or not. I promise to be back next week with less