Weekly Wrap Up No. 7

Can I tell you a secret? Daylight Savings: normally I hate it in the Fall because I get so depressed at the sun going down early. But this time around I’m loving it. the extra hour is magical: I’m waking up so early that I have time to do full face of makeup and grab Starbucks before I get to the office! I’m like a real human now! Not that this added hour is doing much for my productivity: guys, I know I’ve been quiet here lately. I miss writing but I am up to my ears in client work. I have to find a better balance, I know. But until then I’m just going to keep recycling images and you’re going to pretend not to notice, ok?

impress press on nails quickfix manicure

What I’m Reading:

  • Words of wisdom all women need to hear, from Mohadesa Najumi.
  • I’ve been researching lots of blogging resources lately while working on the launch of We Heart Branding (not to mention about half a dozen client projects). This week, I loved seeing Nectar Collective’s favorite tools for blogging, some of which I’ve already added to my toolbox.
  • The Man Repeller perspective on Essena O’Neil quitting Instagram. And yeah, we do need to be reminding everyone and their goddamn mother that the internet is not real life. #authentic
  • This amazing article from the blogger collective highlighting one of my all time favorite beauty bloggers. Oh wait, that’s me. I’m an asshole, sorry not sorry.

weheartbeauty larisa mar we heart beauty

What I’m Listening To:

  • Classic Queen hits, slightly edited for seasonal flair.
  • If you haven’t heard Baby Blue by Action Bronson you are missing out. This song had me dying all week and I’m still convinced the lyrics are a comedic masterpiece.


What I’m Watching:

  • The ultimate productivity-killing, heart-throbbing television show in history: the O.C.
  • And to round it out, my favorite musical set in a high school of all time: High School Musical. This week was 100% about relaxing and rewatching my favorites. Not interested in figuring out a convoluted plot, just interested in imagining that Troy is my secret boyfriend.

the dead poet bar burger

What I Did This Week:

  • Shared some of my favorite free printables– this one’s for the other visual learners, obsessive list makers and color coders out there. You’re not alone, and yes, there is a perfectly designed printable for tracking that.
  • I am currently training to become a pilates teacher! I have been practicing pilates for three years with my incredible studio, and I can’t wait to take this next step!
  • Welcomed in winter. Tis the season for Starbucks red cups.
  • Celebrating my excitement during random days in my wedding countdown to this handsome future-husb.
  • Prepped for chapped winter lips with my maximum moisturizing, all natural lip balm from Lypsyl, Bring it on, Jack Frost. Let’s make out.


Where I’m Shopping This Weekend:

  • The holidays are a time of year when I’m particularly grateful for my Gilt.com subscription. I love searching through their site for deals on great products that my family, friends and fiance will love (not to mention a few treats for myself, you know, for being good all year!)
  • I love, love, LOVE when the free shipping sales start coming out this time of year. Right now, get free shipping on all orders over $50 at Forever 21. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


I can’t be the only one completely shocked that it’s the end of another week. Seriously, where does the time go? I am putting in 7 days a week at the studio right now because I have my instructor training, so everything is just kind of running together. And I can’t really be excited that it’s Friday since I have a class tomorrow at 9am. BUT I am super excited because tonight I get to see an old friend for the first time in what feels like forever. So thankful that he is making the drive down to Queens to come play. An early morning can’t stop me from having a social life! Right?! (inhales espresso). Let’s do this, Friday.