Weekly Wrap Up

I woke up this morning asking M if today was Thursday or Friday. When he said it was Friday I almost cried tears of joy. If that’s not a sign of a long week, I’m not sure what is. For today’s post I’m trying something new. This was my first week blogging every single day. It was fun! Let’s try it again next week, shall we?

What I’m Reading:

  • Whitney English hosted many a Periscope this week and introduced us to her latest product: the A5 Day Designer. I AM FREAKING OUT WITH EXCITEMENT! I have been wanting something lighter than my traditional Day Designer to carry around with me, and the shift to my needs. I wear a lot of hats, but having the right tools to keep on organized and on track is key. Whitney somehow read my mind, and here we are!
  • Sarah Von Bargen just gets me. No one has it all figured out, and she reminded me about that here.
  • “The Art of Possibility” by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. I picked it up last weekend and am already devouring it. I’m hoping to finish it up this weekend!

What I’m Listening To:

  • Songza is kind of my life. The Blogged 50 playlist is the only thing I consistently have on; it’s my favorite way to discover new music without doing any work. too easy.
  • The Lively Show with John and Sherry of Young House Love. I found these two on the internet accidentally and never dabbled much in the comment section. I never realized how intense things were for them until they quit full time blogging last year (a decision I totally commend, by the way). Listening to them chat with Jess about what they’ve been up to was pretty awesome. I hope they come back!

What I’m Watching:

  • Heather Crabtree has stolen my heart, people! Her Periscope on OUTSOURCING absolutely rocked my world. She lifted the veil:
    • Anyone who seems to have it all figured out surely has a great team behind them.
    • If you think you can do it all, you’re crazy and you are WRONG. Your time is better spent elsewhere. Hire other people to do what you don’t have the time to do!
    • And if you want to do it all because you’re a control freak, LET IT GO!
  • ALL OF MR. ROBOT. If you aren’t watching this show yet, you need to be. Vulture has the best recaps (they have the best everything in my opinion), but be careful of spoilers. Mike and I started the first episode without knowing anything and we’re so glad we did. Watch it, watch it, watch it!
  • The Muppet Show, because Team Miss Piggy forever

peace sunset

What I Did This Week:

  • Played around with the new DSLR: M and I went to Rockaway beach for the sunset and took these photos!
  • Got over myself and investing in 17hats to keep my projects in order
  • Celebrated 8 years with NYC
  • Fan girl-ed over Miss Piggy and The Muppets
  • FINALLY went back to yoga after a month long hiatus. Nothing makes me feel better than an amazing class with an amazing instructor.
  • Freaked out when Whitney English announced her new Day Designer product
  • Finished sending most of my Save the Dates
  • Celebrated my baby sister’s birthday from afar
  • Interviewed two Virtual Assistants to help me out with blogging and wedding planning (more on that coming next week!)

Where I’m Shopping This Weekend:

  • Stocking up on my fall skincare and makeup essentials: Beauty.com is offering $15 off all orders.
  • Kohls.com is having a 15% off side wide sale! Dear Lauren Conrad/Vera Wang Everything, see you soon.
  • The TJ Maxx by my Alma Mater is opening tomorrow and you know I’ll be first in line!
  • I had so much fun at Book Court last weekend that I might seriously go back again.


This weekend I’m wrapping up a lot of projects and starting on some new ones. I’m also finally having two coffee dates with friends I’ve been meaning to catch up with. It feels good to finally be able to stay in one place this weekend! And it’s also pretty dang cool to be in the same area as the Pope, too! Love that guy :)

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