We’re Moving… Again!

Thank you all so much for your sweet congratulations. It’s so crazy to have a bump to share with everyone! And with this life change comes another big life change… we’re moving!

We have been in our current condo for about a year and a half, and let me tell you, it has been beautiful. I will always remember this place so fondly, specifically because this is the home we planned our wedding in. It has definitely felt a little cramped at times, especially in the months leading up to the big day. For a few weeks the whole living room was boxes on boxes on boxes. I’ll be honest – some of the stuff still isn’t exactly “packed away” yet, either… oops! I know, I claim organization as a huge part of my life, but sometimes I drop the ball.


Even though we signed the lease a few weeks back, our move date is not until the first weekend in November. I am very grateful for the time – no rushing and no last minute moving drama. Plus, it’s been so nice to soak in the days in our current place. This week and weekend will be dedicated to lots of packing, discarding items we won’t be needing, and general cleaning up. I’ve already tackled the hallway closets and the entertainment center. Next up is the office area and the bathroom. I have so many different notebooks I haven’t touched in a while, wedding magazines that need to go, and a bunch of skin care products that can be packed away since I can’t use them during pregnancy.

we heart beauty bedroom apartment - bedding by anthropologie, headboard from onekingslane

We’re really excited to make this move, although it is very bittersweet. For the first time ever, my husband and I will be living alone without our best friend and roommate. It’s kind of crazy to think about – we’ll only have a few months just the two of us before our little one arrives! But it is a much better space for us to be in – the living room is huge and separate from the kitchen. There’s an eat in dining nook! And we get an entire floor in our building. That means lots of windows, sunshine, and cross ventilation. We couldn’t be more excited.

I’m busy making mood boards and planning out the rooms in the new apartment with not only what we have, but what we’re excited to get. I can’t believe that I get to have a dining table! And not the kind that folds up and gets put away. A real, always there, dining table!

If anyone has any of their favorite furniture resources they want to share – now is the time! I think my Ikea via Craigslist ways are officially retiring. This is growing up, isn’t it?

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