Matte Manicure

November 19, 2014
sally hansen big matte top coat

The easiest way for me to fake chic-and-put-together? A manicure. Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing leggings and a hoodie: if my nails are done, I’m good to go. Now add in some extra cool girl factor like a matte manicure, and I can basically wear pajamas all day long and still feel like an adult.

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At Home, In the Office

Review: The Day Designer

November 12, 2014
the day designer


I have always had an obsession with planners. In 7th grade we received our first ever Student Planners and I became unstoppable. All homework assignments and due dates went into one place with monthly and weekly views. I realized how truly obsessive I was when I would look at my planner in comparison to my classmates: mine was color coded with everything labeled perfectly, theirs was usually a mish-mosh of dates and assignments written in mismatched pens. I was kind of OCD, and yes, I sometimes concentrated on the planner more than the homework – guilty as charged! But this obsession with planners, pens, organization, and consistency has carried on with me through adulthood.

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Review: Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

November 11, 2014
argan oil of morocco conditioner

For me, my hair is my identifier. It is the only thing that has remained constant throughout the years. My body might have betrayed me after one too many late night ice cream sandwiches (understandable), my face rebels when I’m not religious about my skincare routine (rude), but my hair’s quality remains unchanged and loyal.

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In the Office

Morning Reads v2

November 10, 2014
desk apartment nyc day designer iced coffee

Mornings are hard. Mondays are kind of terrible. But guys, we can do it. We can win this week! Here are some fun reads to get us through this day.

1. “Tips for Your Money” on I learn the hard way when it comes to money. It’s a a goal of mine to be better at budgeting. If I’m not careful with my student loans and other bills, I’ll drown in them.

You’ve gotta stop asking, “How much down, and how much a month?” That’s what poor people ask. Rich people ask, “How much?”

I’m not about that whole “think like a rich person” life generally, but developing a similar thought process to debt-free individuals seems to be a good idea!

2. “Interstellar Writer Jonathan Nolan Gives us the Scoop on Deep Spoilers!” on IGN.comI went to see “Interstellar” with some friends over the weekend and… HOLY. CRAP. It was ridiculous, amazing, thought provoking, and gave us plenty to talk about. We loved it! This article was an awesome follow up to a great movie.

3. “21 Things in Interstellar That Don’t Make Sense” on Vulture.comThe movie was great, yes, but I never said it made sense, lol! It was fun to read this article too. Spoilers ahead though! And if you haven’t seen this movie yet… watch it!

4. “It Literally Pays to Have a Reliable Spouse” on ScienceOfUs.comI already knew that my man was a catch, but this article definitely makes him a whole lot more attractive!

Marry a put-together person, and their put-together-ness will spill over into your own life, even into your workplace.

The hubs and I both work long hours and have difficult jobs here in NYC. Knowing that our successes can help influence each other in a positive way definitely makes the whole having-a-crazy-job thing more worth it!

Have a wonderful week!