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Body Image & Being Human

February 26, 2015
downward Facing Dog

{downward dog with heels raised in a Power Yoga class last month}

I grew up dancing 4 to 5 times a week, plus cheerleading when I entered high school, plus yoga when I entered my senior year. I was always active. I know how to workout, how to condition, how to stretch, how to make it work. When I got to college there was much less physical activity for me, plus a knee injury, plus another knee injury, plus living in New York which meant falling in love with lots of food. Then I met Mike, got comfortable, and the end result is that I’ve put on a lot more weight than I’d like to admit. Continue Reading…

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Wedding Updates pt1

February 18, 2015
engagement photo los gatos ca weheartbeauty we heart beauty

It’s been several months since Mike officially popped the question, and I still catch myself staring at my left hand at least once a day. But now that it’s been a while the whole thing is starting to sink in. We’re planning a wedding. You guys. This is hard. We’re in the very beginning of our planning, and I’ve gotta say: It’s not as glamorous as other bloggers make it out to be. I thought it would just be a lot of peonies, reading The Knot, and eating cake…. but it’s not that simple at all!

A wedding is a starting point of a marriage, but in today’s society it has the ability to become so much more. I have always viewed weddings as a great big family reunion, and I’m excited to gather all our family and friends in one place. My parents will be in town this weekend, and therefore the planning will officially begin soon! So in celebration, here’s a sort-of planning update… along with a little bit of venting. Hey, it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to!

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I Love You Like XO

February 13, 2015
weheartbeauty engagement photo

Photo by 1985LukePhotography. For more Engagement Photos click here + here!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Any reason for hot pink and candy is perfect in my books! The hubs and I celebrate the “holiday” a little bit differently than most couples we know. If you’ve got time for a quick story, stick around and I’ll share how our “modern” Valentine’s Day came to be.

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Desktop Wallpaper Favorites

February 9, 2015

Adorable desktop + iphone background freebie from Venus Trapped in Mars

Regardless of what you do for a living, chances are a lot of your day is spent looking at some kind of tech. And I can’t be the only one that thinks a nice background remix is a great way to start the week. And as a fun Monday treat I’ve compiled some of my favorite free backgrounds from a few of my favorite blogs. Click through to view them all!

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Morning Reads v5

February 6, 2015
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THIS WEEK. Oh man. Even my co-workers said to me that I have had the worst week ever. Apparently I’m terrible at hiding my feelings? Maybe it has something to do with me slamming the phone down every time I get off a call? But the good news: at least it’s Friday. To celebrate/procrastinate, here’s some light reading… I can’t handle too much right now since my brain is about to explode. Here’s to the weekend!

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