#LMMC2016: Wedding Planning with Mom

January 29, 2016
boro hotel queens long island city balcony view

Last weekend the East Coast was bombarded with 2 feet of snow, so my epic wedding planning weekend with my mom was cancelled completely. My entire family lives 3,000 miles away from me, and while technology makes things easier it still isn’t the same. No one can replace your mom, you know?

When her trip was cancelled I was pretty devastated by it – not going to lie. I’d done everything at this point just via email and phone calls with her, except booking the venue. Not much was done just the two of us together. So we had a big weekend planned that the snow totally busted. But luckily this bad ass mother of mine was able to squeeze in a 24 hour layover into NYC on her way back from a business trip. Am I lucky or what?  Here are some snaps from our whirlwind day together. Continue Reading…

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FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER: Undated Monthly Calendar

January 28, 2016
free printable on weheartbeauty and weheartbranding. undated monthly schedule with goal tracking and room for notes

I’m stepping my game up, and first things first: more printables. Everyone loves a good freebie, AMIRITE?! I created this free printable planner with our hectic lives in mind. I love having a complete overview of everything, from important appointments to goal tracking reminders. Sometimes while creating an agenda you can get lost in remember what your purpose for the month is.

This printable is nice and simple – nothing too fancy, therefore it’s ideal for those of us who color code everything. I use mine at my desk as an overview of the month for all my bills (you know I’m a nut and have different planners for different needs). But this is also perfect for tracking your workouts, your habits, your personal important dates, wedding planning, etc etc!

The link to download is below:

Continue Reading…

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January 26, 2016
vii code overnight oxygen eye mask

I’ve never been one to obsess over the dark circles under my eyes. I’ve always accepted them as a part of my life. I’ve done my fair share of all-nighters: from studying for finals to staying out a little too late before work. I just sort of assumed that you have to accept the good with the bad. The good being getting my studying done or getting to work on time after a long night out. The bad being puffy, dark under eye circles.

But we don’t have to settle.

I’m a big believer in instant gratification, because duh, but it is very rare to find a product that actually delivers on that kind of promise. The VII Oxygen Eye Mask is a rare find that actually lives up to the hype. Technically you should use it 2-3 times per week for several weeks, but I saw results literally over night. Seriously. It goes on in the evening after cleansing and stays on until the morning. 8 hours of literal beauty sleep later leaves you looking more awake and refreshed than ever before. Continue Reading…

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Snow Day with Winter Storm Jonas

January 25, 2016
winter snow storm jonas nyc queens

The blizzard was a ton of fun but totally insane. Mr. Winter Storm Jonas was a lot worse than anticipated, so unfortunately my mom’s flight got cancelled and we had to nix all the wedding planning and mother daughter-ing. She’s scheduled another time to be here, which rocks because you guys: I need my mom. I’ve been planning the wedding 3,000 miles away from her and it’s been fine, but there are moments that you just look forward to having your mom there. It was really sad that she couldn’t be here this past weekend, but weather happens you know?! Blah.

Back to the snow: I’ve been in NYC for the past eight years, so I’ve seen how intense the winters can get. But this one definitely took the cake, mainly because it was historic and the Mayor forgot about my poor borough. So. Much. Snow. Continue Reading…

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Weekly Wrap Up No. 9

January 22, 2016
south of france orange blossom honey

The best smelling hand soap in the world. A beautiful gift from my Grand Aunt!

I’ve been slacking, and I freaking know it. You don’t even have to remind me. But I’ve been juggling a lot and to be honest it has been incredibly petrifying being a human being these days. Adulthood is not at all what it is cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong – I love my life but man oh man I am exhausted by it. Continue Reading…