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Morning Reads v7

April 16, 2015
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{New favorite pastime: pretending I’m a home owner and reading decor books}

I had one hell of a weekend. So much so that this week FLEW BY and I can’t even believe it’s already Thursday! I have so many exciting things coming up and so many projects that I’m barely staying afloat…. I’m finalizing our Save the Dates, meeting with a photographer and a florist within the next week, plus I’m planning our next visit to California for my brother’s high school graduation. Luckily the weather has gotten much nicer, and there’s no greater feeling than leaving the office while the sun is still out. As always, here’s your weekly dose of click bait and almost-the-weekend procrastination. Happy Thursday, y’all!

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Freebies: My Favorite Printables

April 8, 2015
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Printables are by far my favorite thing about the internet. I love fancy notebooks and stationery of all kinds, but they can definitely get pricey and it’s hard to justify spending a large amount of money on something that you’re not 100% certain about. The best part about following my favorite design bloggers is that a lot of them actually create free printables for their readers to enjoy. Here’s a round up of my favorite ones! Continue Reading…

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Disney Beauty Buy: rinse bath & body co.

April 3, 2015
polish and pucker by rinse bath and body co we heart beauty

You may recall that I went on a wonderful Disney trip with my fiance and his family at the beginning of last month. True to form, I couldn’t help myself when I saw a natural & homemade skincare stand in Epcot during the Flower & Garden Festival. My lips have been embarrassingly dry (since spring refuses to come out and winter is apparently never ending), so I picked up this Pucker Pack by rinse bath & body co. for only $8.00.

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Morning Reads v6

March 26, 2015
Larisa Hair

{#tbt: Remember when we didn’t have to wear a down jacket every time we stepped out of the house? I am so sick of this weather. Spring… where are you?!}

I’ll admit – it’s been hard for me to read anything lately. I don’t take the train as my commute, and every spare moment I’ve had lately is being spent either working out (trying to keep at it) or choreographing for the dance show at my alma mater. Life has gotten away from me lately – you really can’t have it all. I’m trying hard to see my friends, eat healthy, workout, and continue to work hard and get things done.

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Review: The 2015 #powersheets by Lara Casey

March 18, 2015
Powersheets 2015 by lara casey


I first learned about the concept of goal planning in high school. I went to a Catholic School, and some of my religion classes were meant to help us young students get our lives on track at an early age. But when you’re young your goals are simple, and Goal Planning isn’t super necessary because the formula is always the same: do your homework, study hard and often, and the grade should come easily. Big goals, like what kind of job you want to get as an adult, are so far off that it isn’t realistic to actually plan for them.

After college I simply had New Year Resolutions: take better care of my health, be early to all appointments, etc. But when I look back at the years that have passed between graduation and now, although I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished, it feels like I could have done so much more if I were focused. If I had lived with intention and on purpose instead of waiting for the wind to take me to my next step in life.

I started to get things together with my Day Designer by Whitney English. The goal setting in the beginning of the planner was realistic, specific, and important to me. I forgot about the goals after a couple of months, but surprised myself when I flipped to them again at the 3 month mark and saw something amazing: I had actually completed them all. I could cross every single 3 month goal off my list. If I could do this without completely focusing on it every single day, imagine what I could do if I did focus. I knew I wanted something that could help me reach that next step. I wanted to know myself better: what are my goals, why are they my goals, and how can I truly reach them?


I came upon Lara Casey’s #powersheets after having found her and Emily Ley on instagram. There were so many posts about how the PowerSheets are so much better than traditional goal planning, about how detailed they are, and about how much they help those who use them. I decided to give it a try, and truly I am glad I did.

The PowerSheets are just that: sheets that are regularly sized and three-hole punched for your favorite binder. No cover, no fancy cover design. They’re meant to be integrated into your current life so you use them wholeheartedly. It’s not another journal to add to your already filled desk. They are meant truly for anyone and everyone: from small business owners or students to stay at home moms. I use my PowerSheets for personal goals, although due to the nature of my job my work goals tend to be mixed in. Continue Reading…