Five Tips on Crushing Your Short Term Goals

When we found out I was pregnant in June, we were really taken for a wild ride. We had just gotten married in April, didn’t plan our honeymoon yet, and have zero money saved. We were fucking terrified.

Fast forward to almost a year later, and we have somehow made it all work. Having a baby is having a pretty concrete deadline, and having the responsibility of becoming a mother whipped my ass into shape. The lack of a backup plan forced me to make “someday” happen as soon as humanly possible. I’ll always be so thankful to Ivy, because her mere existence forced me to push through all my fears and make something substantial happen.

The major goal for me when I got pregnant was to save at least $4,000 by the time the baby was born. After looking through all of our finances, this was the cushion amount we would need. And I’m being honest here: I’m terrible with money. I can’t save money. I love to shop. I am a nightmare. So even though saving $4,000 might be a super easy thing for some of you, for me it was like being asked to move a literal mountain. But I knew that we needed it, and I knew that I had to be the one to make it happen. And so I did.

But why was it so different for me this time around? Why was this short term goal all of a sudden doable for me? There were five major factors that forced me to succeed in crushing my short term goals.

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