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November 28, 2015
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I very happily logged off over the past several days, and what they say is so very true: an internet detox does the soul some good. But I’ve obviously missed it: so here’s a post on a Saturday. Whoa. Continue Reading…


Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba Product Review Pt 2

November 24, 2015
honest beauty jessica alba review

Don’t we all have a crush on Jessica Alba? She is truly the only reason I gave Honest Beauty a second look. After enjoying the free trial of Honest Beauty I decided to test out two of their makeup products in addition to a powered version of the face cleanser. Yes, a powder face wash. SAY WHAT?! Don’t judge. Read on. Continue Reading…

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November 23, 2015
sunset in manhattan

If you were in NYC last night you were most likely taking all the photos of the beautiful sunset. I love a good sunset so my heart melted at the view of the cotton candy turned purple turned dark blue sky. Mike and I were already seated down for dinner when the powers that be decided to put on a very serious show. We were surrounded by buildings and with zero roof access in TriBeCa, but I did my best to capture what I could. Continue Reading…


Fragrant Fall Beauty Faves

November 19, 2015
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For the past several years I have been very complacent in my perfume and scented lotions. I used to stick to one main scent and get most of my lotions and other beauty products unscented. But lately I’ve been rediscovering my love for scented everything.

I think it started with candles and getting my home to smell warm and inviting (as I mentioned before). But now I’m “branching out” and all excited that I can get my hands on fragrant beauty products that actually work. Most of my life I have avoided scented everything because of my sensitive skin. My eczema meant I didn’t want to chance a flare up just to smell nice. Perhaps my skin has evolved, but either way I’m excited to be able to share my latest beauty faves that smell good and don’t irritate my skin.

Continue Reading…

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Making a Rented Space Feel Like Home

November 17, 2015

Did anyone else pay “The Sims” religiously while growing up? I mean, maybe not religiously but didn’t we all spend hours on end building our fake families and trying to avoid burglars and googling cheats? Kaching, anyone?

Playing “The Sims” literally shaped the way I see certain situations. When I witness two friends getting into a quarrel I imagine the red minus signs above their heads. When I’m fighting with my best friends I see the “relationships” tab and how the permanent relationship is still 100% green, but our current relationship is red and in the negatives.  But specifically, I am always so much more able to understand why a room feels lifeless or lonely and exactly how it affects my brain. That “room” bar (or “environment” bar if you played Sims 4 and beyond) is always on my mind. So while my Sim couldn’t live without fish tanks and french doors my actual self is a little bit different. It can be challenging to personalize a rented space, but it is totally doable. Here are all the ways I love making my house apartment a home. Continue Reading…